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About Us


About Us

The Salem Hardy Plant Society was founded in Salem, Oregon and organized in 1997 to:

Promote the culture of hardy plants by providing public information and education

Promote the collection and dissemination of source information about hardy plants and their availability

Foster informal gatherings of the membership including meetings of the garden club and garden visits

Support community gardening horticulture projects

Cooperate with and complement the activities of other horticultural organizations in the Pacific Northwest

Monthly Meetings

Our garden club meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Dye House at the Mission Mill - 1313 Mill St SE Salem OR except for June-August which are potlucks at member gardens and September, in which we have our plant sale.  Our membership spans a wide range of backgrounds and knowledge, with professional nurseries and 'backyard' gardeners both represented and we typically have an attendance of between 60 and 90 members and their guests.  Regular features of each meeting include a speaker, raffles, announcements and edible treats – and when available, the opportunity to buy featured plants from either our speaker or one of our many member nurseries.

The Salem Hardy Plant Society program includes (at no additional fee beyond your annual membership) speakers/presentations related to hardy plants and/or gardening in general from October through May.  We take advantage of the later lighting in June, July and August to move our monthly get-togethers outside for informal potlucks.  In September we are focused on preparing to host our annual Plant Sale.


Open Gardens

The Salem Hardy Plant Society has a monthly members-only program (typically March through September, weather permitting) where our members invite their fellow members to visit their personal gardens to see what they’ve created ‘in their space’ as well as what hardy plant treasures they’ve found and nurtured – (and they may actually be persuaded to share where they found it!).  This program often features stops at our member nursery display gardens as well.


Fifteen Minutes to Spare in the Garden

Weed, weed, weed


Tie up errant clematis

Stroll - take time to see, smell, and appreciate your garden

Turn the compost

Fertilize deck pots

Sow a tray of seeds

Harvest fresh vegetables or fruits from the garden

Dispatch slugs

Look for stink bugs and other critters

Water plants missed by irrigation system

Eat tomatoes - you did plant them didn't you?

Pick more weeds

Water, water, water

Hoe weeds out of one bed

Find and sharpen your hoe first

Spread Sluggo

Check under pots and rocks for slugs

Winter prune shrubs / perennials

Make notes and jot down ideas for future plans

Re-pot one plant

Walk the garden

Pick off yellowed or unsightly leaves

Fill the bird feeders

Feed the pond fish with time to enjoy them

Fill the bird bath

Make a batch of hummingbird food

Look for mole mounds

Meditate on the patio or deck

Sharpen your shovel


Open Garden Courtesy

One of the most enjoyable and inspiring elements of belonging to SHPS is the open gardens. You can experience first-hand the trials, triumphs and wonderful serendipitous events that transpire in the garden. Because the gardener is opening up a personal space and sharing it with members, we need to be aware of some common sense courtesies. Please do not take cuttings, seeds, plants  or cut flowers without the permission of the owner. Stay on the paths and, if wondering about the name of a plant, please ask and do not wander into the beds. (A great way to find out the name of a plant is to take a photo with your smart phone. When the garden host is located, you can easily ask the name of that particular plant.) Please keep children under your watchful eye. Something else to consider: although your pet may behave perfectly well, the pets of the garden host/hostess may react to your pet and cause a disturbance, so maybe leave your pet at home. Finally, don't forget to express your gratitude to your fellow gardener who has shared their little piece of heaven with you.                                                                    Leonard Foltz

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Come to one of our monthly meetings at Mission Mill in the Dye House, 1313 Mill ST SE, Salem OR 97301

Salem Hardy Plant Society

PO Box 2027 Salem OR 97308-2027

Meetings are held

on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm except for June-August which are potlucks at member gardens and September, in which we have our plant sale.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to fund our speakers for the year and provide scholarships to students in horticulture programs in our area.

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